Salsa Turtle!!!

Officially the "Salsa Turtle Dish"

Sometimes at the office we really don't feel like working -
so we bring in the Salsa Turtle to handle the day to day activities.

Sadly, productivity goes way up on those days.

Hiding in the Forest

DSCN8653.JPG (164897 bytes)


On the hand scanner - he is a very secure turtle.
Yes, this is a real biometric hand scanner.

DSCN8659.JPG (50151 bytes)


In the Data Center.
This of course is a real Data Center though you can't
see any of the computers.

DSCN8661.JPG (81994 bytes)


On a Management Con Call

DSCN8658.JPG (152093 bytes)


In his office
He likes to stretch out and relax after con calls.

DSCN8657.JPG (224556 bytes)


Here's the Salsa Turtle on a Video Con Call
He usually uses this to annoy the other offices and tell them
how nice the weather is.

DSCN8656.JPG (163776 bytes)

Side note - I actually got busted by security taking pictures of the Salsa Turtle.  
It was not easy explaining to the guard that the Salsa Turtle was in upper management.