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January 2007


  eTodd would like to congratulate the UCLA BRUINS 
for beating USC in a GREAT football game.
The football team was even cool enough to hang out
a few nights later at a basketball gam


Here are some pictures of T and B in Cancun Mexico .

Here are some pictures from Sea World in Orlando, FL.

Scary looking shark whales.  Very rare breed.  And very deadly.

This here is the Kraken.  He guards the roller coaster.
He ate 3 guests while we waited in line.

Can you tell the DIFFERENCE between these two pictures???




1. Which Center dot is bigger?


2. Are the lines straight or crooked?


3. Which MONSTER is bigger?



4. How many BLACK dots are there???


Stare at the center mark and the you will see a green one circling around. 
If you stare at the center for about 30 seconds the red ones will disappear.

Some Homer Simpson Quotes...

Lisa: Dad, what's a Muppet?
Homer: Well, it's not quite a mop, it's not quite a puppet, but man...[laughs hysterically]  
So to answer your question, I don't know.

Homer: Hey, we didn't have a message on our answering machine when we left. How very odd.

Homer: Are you saying you're never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
Lisa: No.
Homer: Ham?
Lisa: No!
Homer: Pork chops?
Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal!
Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.

Homer: Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids. Eat them!

Homer: Bad bees! Get away from my sugar! Ow! Ow!! Oh, they're defending themselves somehow!


I was at the Fox studios lot on Friday and
got to see the contestants from American Idol
(they walked right in front of me on the lawn). 
I would have said hi but was too busy eating churros.

Driving Down the Street
You are driving down the street in a truck that is 10" high.
There is a bridge ahead that is only 9" feet high!!!
What do you do???

You get your dream job at the San Diego Zoo.
The next day you are in the same truck driving
towards the same bridge.
There is just one difference...CLICK HERE to see.
What do you do???


Learned something cool at school this week... 
In the past Women and girls were not being picked
to be in music orchestras. 
Were boys better at playing instruments???

Turns out that the judges were unfairly judging men higher.  So how did they fix this???
They put the music players behind a screen so they were judged only on their music.

Got 2 A's last Quarter.  Yeah Boy.
Guess my 25 minutes of studying really helped out.


 Here are some pictures of campus... 

Here are some pictures and stories of
Jason and Todd when they were kids...


AUGUST 4th 2005

It's a beautiful night and Jason and Todd
are out using Dad's new telescope to see the stars.

Oh No!!!  There's trouble at the old Barn.
But wait...  Jason sees help on the way...

Click HERE to find out what Jason sees..


AUGUST 2nd 2005

Here is a picture of Jason and I working at the laboratory
when we were kids...

UH OH!!!  I think I pressed the wrong BUTTON.
Press on the button below to see what happened next...

AUGUST 1st 2005

eTodd is back!!!!  Some evil jackals attacked our city and we had to defend ourselves.
While fighting one of the jackals ate through our computer wires. 
But, we finally beat them and eTodd is back. 

here for pictures of me fighting heroically...

That's a silly question isn't it?  We all know exactly where we are.
Or do we....

Join our favorite Magician for a lesson in where we really are,

Half-way through 2005 and I hope everyone
spends a lot of time at the beach. 


December 2004

It is almost that time of year again...I hope everyone has been GOOD this year...cause here comes...

Santa is bringing lots of cool toys for all the good girls and boys...
What did you
wish for for the Holidays???

Don't tell Sarah what we got her for the Holidays...


Once again Todd made an awesome Zoo. 
I sure hope Dakota knows how to keep
it running while I'm away...



Good news...turns out he is just helping kids open their gifts...


September 2004

Hello Dakota...  Remember me??!?!?!?!?! 
I am Slinky Skunk and I have been tracking you since you
left Santa Barbara.  I found this web-site and am hot on your trail. 

I bring a message...make sure you have skunks at your Zoo!!!


The month we have a movie Review.



The Black Hole is a movie about...you guessed it, a Black Hole.  It was made back in 1979 and
is still very cool and high tech. There are a lot of robots and cool spaceships and other neat things.
Overall, it is a fun little movie that everyone should see.

Here is a memorable quote from the movie:

Lieutenant Charles Pizer : "Vincent, were you programmed to bug me?"
V.I.N.CENT : "No sir, to educate you."


 Here is what some of our friends thought about it...

Storm Trooper: I thought it was good, but not as good as Star Wars.

Bob:  Wow.  I was blown away.  I can't wait to see it again and again.  Oh, and I hate Maximillian.

Vincent:  This was the best move I have ever seen!!!!!  I looked great.


Kim: The movie was good, but it needed more killer monkeys.

The Black Knight: The Black Night was impressed and awed by the special effects.
The Black Knight will tell all of his knight friends to go see it.
The Black Knight is the best knight ever.  Yes...yes he is.

August 2004

We made a surprise visit to the house last night when
everyone was down at the beach surfing. 

Dakota was supposed to be asleep but she was WIDE awake
so we hung out and watched the Lava Lamp...




June 2004 ...

We threw a BIG    Vegetarian Party for Jason the
other night to celebrate his being a Vegetarian. 
See if you can name all of his friends who showed up...


Here is a PICTURE of all the people who were NOT invited...

August 2004

I am dedicating a small piece of this web site to our friends to the North - CANADA!!! 
Most people don't realize how important Canada is to us. 
Canadians buy more stuff from us than anyone else. 

If you don't know what a Candian looks like just click here
for examples...


I found some pictures of Jason and Bea together...

Here is them at Law School studying hard.


And here is them working as lawyers...

DAKOTA had a Birthday Party recently.

Here are a few Memorable Moments...



Here is a sneak preview of the new
Transformers Movie...


May 1st, 2004

I've been asked by T.O.W. to put up a safety notice by...

Mr. Slidey the Safety Slide!!!

"Remember kids...always play safely in the playground!!!
And watch out for rattlesnakes."


Here's an old black and white picture of Jason when
he was in 3rd grade.  He looks the same doesn't he...


GREAT News Everyone...I found EVEN MORE pictures of Jason at work!!!!!  
CLICK HERE (Jason learning who the real boss is)

CLICK HERE (Jason gets yelled at)

CLICK HERE (Jason at the latte)

If you ever forget your homework, here's a GREAT excuse...


 I took a picture of Dakota after she spent
too long using the hair dryer...

Click HERE!!!

I was looking around the house and I found
this interesting looking book...

Does anyone know what it is?!?!?!!

Here's the first Chapter...

"Hello all my fans.  Welcome to my second novel.
Tuesday, April 1st 2004 - I spent a lot of time today
walking around the house searching for food.  I found
some but it was being held by some strange animal
with yellow hair.  I think they call her,


March 26, 2004

Dakota and I had the Scrabble Championship Last Night...
It was a really close game until Dakota came up with
the winning word.
Click on the Question mark to see what the Word was...



March 15, 2004

We all had a BIG Video Game Party at BOOMERS the other night.
That place has a lot of cool video games to choose from..

Dakota schooled everyone at winning the most Tickets.

She then took her tickets and bought a few cool things. 
We wanted to take Logon but no puppy dogs allowed.


Before hand we went to the Laguna Park up the street.


Dakota and I had some fierce races and Dance Contests.  She won a few
times but was NO MATCH for my Scooter!!!!  It is far too fast!!!


January 1st 2004

Welcome to 2004.  Before we go to far though, let's have a review of 2003...


Good News Everyone...I found this picture of Jason at work!!!!!  CLICK HERE

December 2nd 2003

There was a soccer match on Thanksgiving between the 


and the ...


The Black Night fought valiantly and bravely but alas, the Red DRAGON was too strong and agile.

After a MIGHTY battle, the Red Dragon was Victorious 14 - 2.

Whew!!!  Thanksgiving is finally over.  I'm glad we
all gave Thanks for being Americans and such happy people.
  And for FOOD!!!!

And here comes the other Holidays we all celebrate...
Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa.  So many special days...

NOTE, if you are Todd's Secret Santa, 
Todd has a LONG list of things he wants for Chanukah...
A pony, a puppy, a kitten, a piece of strawberry pie, a cheese making kit and 
peace on earth.

November 14th, 2003

I found yet Another picture of Dakota as a little baby!!!
Click HERE to see her when she was only 3 months old...

Other then that it has been a pretty slow news week...

October 30, 2003

All Hollow's Eve is just around the corner folks.
Better get your costumes and candy ready...

OR ELSE!!!!!

With Spring in the air we all know what time it is...


Dakota is gearing up for another fun year of soccer.
We played last week and the game ended in a tie.

Todd took a boxing class last night at the Gym.  Someone snuck in 
a camera and snapped THIS PICTURE of him boxing...

September 8, 2003

I was going through the old photos and I found this rare
picture of Dakota when she was just a little baby!!!!


Dakota's School Update
TOW school is going through some major renovations right now.
This includes a new outdoor basketball court, new classrooms
and other fun stuff.

The good news is that they kept the Garden!!!
Unfortunately there was a tomato incident involving Todd and Jason
though we will not discuss it any further.   Let's just say
that Dakota got a new tomato and has moved on...

Todd's Date in Laguna
Todd had a very good date last weekend
thanks to Dakota.  She gave him some good pointers
that came in handy.

Pictures From STL
This is Dakota with baby Sarah...
Click on pictures to see bigger version

auntie.Dakotajpg.jpg (37508 bytes)dakota and sarah looking at each other.jpg (34781 bytes)grampy.jpg (37616 bytes)

birthday surprise.jpg (30106 bytes)


Dakota is considering running for Governor of California.
As you may know, Dakota is a member of the Pirate Party and her main
goals are to plunder the other ships at sea for their gold and
cause general havoc.

Official Flag of the Pirate Party

Dakota has said of the other people running...
"I am not worried at all.  I think they are a bunch of broccoli heads."

Here is a picture Dakota drew of one of the other people running for Governor...

Carey was bitten by a sting ray while surfing. 
Here's a picture of the sting ray.  
They are known to sting people with their tails as well as attack large ships.
Moby Dick is one of the more famous sting rays in history.

Dakota got a very special coin this week all the way from
Dallas Texas.  Todd got it at a museum.
I cannot say where it is now hidden...

Word on the street is that there is a new sheriff in town.
Sheriff McDoogle's first job will be to clean up all 
the stray coyotes...Good luck sheriff.


What is the difference between these 2 Pictures?


News For Week of July 10th, 2003

SUMMER is HERE and it is time to get to the beach and have some fun.  

And more importantly...
Let's all make sure we eat enough ICE CREAM!!!



What is the difference between these 2 Pictures?



Todd ate 2 pieces of Fresh Strawberry pie the other night at the House of Pies.  
His friends at the scene were overheard saying., "There is no way Todd
can eat two piece of Fresh Strawberry Pie.  No man can do that!!!"

When all was said and done Todd finished the pieces and even ate all of the 
whipped cream that had fallen onto the plate.

And Finally...

It appears that one of Dakota's classmates packed their own lunch on
the last day of school.  Here is what was inside...

News For Week of June 21st, 2003


Dakota turned         years old on Sunday!!!!!!

Among other things she got a tetherball and roller blades and a cake !!!

Her and her pals spent the day at Build-A-Bear.  
Here's a picture of one of the bears that got his heart...

In other news

Jason and Todd turned 28 today (Tuesday, June 24th).  They attribute
their long lives to drinking plenty of Milk.  This is usually accompanied by
plenty of chocolate chip cookies of course.

On June 30th Dakota turned into an ANT 

What?!?  Oh sorry, I meant A-U-N-T...

We are not sure how she will handle this new responsibility but are pretty sure
she will be willing to give up some toys for the new baby girl in the family. 

I mean, does she ever actually use her GameBoy???  
And speaking of her GameBoy...did Santa give that to her? 
We at the "Dakota Pages News" are still investigating this...

Here are some picture of Sarah...Congrats David and Risa.

Week of June 9th, 2003

Dakota is finally realizing the true independence that bicycle ownership brings...now
that she is able to handle major hiking trails.

Larry the Leprechaun (pictured below) was given the prestigious
Medal of Honor today by the British Government.

Larry had been labeled an international spy working for Ireland by the 
British Government but they dropped all charges when he presented 
the Queen with a shiny pot of Gold.  Way to Go Larry!!!

Todd was able to get a bunch of cool Dexter's Lab stuff for Dakota including
stickers, comic books and a note pad.  Dakota should enjoy the fun stuff
as soon as Todd is done reading the comics.

Week of June 1st, 2003

The Indian Princesses got back from their trip this weekend.  
Although I do not have word on what they did, I do have some photos.

Here are two of the beggars that came around asking for money.
If they did not get money they would pelt the person with
water balloons and marshmellows.

A giant finger came out of nowhere and almost wrecked the festivities...
Fortunately, this bystander scared it away.

Dakota and her friend tied for first place in the bathing suit competition.
When asked what she wanted more than anything in the world,
Dakota's response was, "I want world peace...and more marshmellows."

In other news...

Smokey the Fox  (pictured below) was arrested in the case of the missing french fries 
(or Freedom Fries as they prefer to be known).

Smokey is an active member of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
and says that he merely wanted to release the fries back into the wild.  He was
found throwing the fries into the Ocean yelling, "swim my friends, swim 
back to sweet freedom!!!"

Here is a picture of Smokey before his arrest.

Here is a picture of the fries before the incident.

And Finally...

Larry the Leprechaun (pictured below) was given the prestigious
Medal of Honor today by the British Government.

Larry had been labeled an international spy working for Ireland by the 
British Government but they dropped all charges when he presented 
the Queen with a shiny pot of Gold.  Way to Go Larry!!!


 May 20, 2003

*****NEWS FLASH*****
Dakota came in 3rd Place in the Big Chess Championship


Yes, she won a trophy for her great showing.

In other news...

Logon tangled with a Crazy Turkey on Temple Hills Dr. today.  

The turkey came out clucking strong but Logon used his strength to win out.
Logon attributed his win to all the fights he has had with the cats (Star and Samantha)

Here is the turkey before the fight:


And after....