March 2008
People are always asking me what we do at Business School.
Do we sit in the library and study??? 
Do we talk about business?
No.  We don't do any of that. 

These pictures should help explain what we do...
Some pictures from our trip to Europe...
The Venus Dakota
Dakota, Mark, Jason
Jason, Sunflower, Dakota
Today's Meal:

Oatmeal with Blueberries

Short Ribs with Mashed Potatoes
Dessert: Banana

Boysenberry Pie
Chinese Sponge Cake

Famous Quotes by Mark Shyres
I can't believe I went to a Poison concert.  (1987)
I can't believe I went to a Fergie concert.  (2007)
Said in 1987
Mmmm... Turkey.
Mmmmm...  cheese
Mmmm... bagel chips
Mmmm... black licorice.

Said in 2007
Mmmmm.... kettle corn.
Mmmmmm..... cinnamon bread.

Mmmmm....  black licorice.
Other Famous Quotes by Mark:
Do you know why people like butter?  Because it tastes good.
Now I know why sharks eat their young.
Darn tourists.

This might be fake quote:
I love my 3 kids...  4... I mean 4 kids.  I'm always forgetting Jason.

Please note that we have been not been given persmission by Mark Shyres to
publish these quotes so do not tell him these are here.

August 2007

Here is a picture of Jason and me outside of
Fantastic Sam's last week...


And here's a picture of Jason at Law School.
Many people don't know that Bovine University is a great school.


Jason's the one with the steak.

We have put all of the Kids Cartoons on one page!!!
Click HERE.

Heard about a great concert this week...
Here's a picture of the band members backstage...


Here's some new pictures of
Jason and Todd when they were kids...
Click  HERE.

Here is an Ode To Goggles...  our friends.

Click  HERE. 

Here are some pictures of
Jason and Todd (and Jacob) last WEEK!!!
Click  HERE.

Can you tell the DIFFERENCE between these two pictures???


WHICH of these boxes is winning the race?

Give up? 

Neither...they are going the SAME speed.
If you don't believe me try watching
with your head touching the top of the monitor
and looking down at the picture.


We took some word and scrambled the letters. 
See if you can figure out what the word is...
For example:  DTOD is the word TODD.

1.  kajcal  (samurais fight them)
2.  ilno   (grrrr)
3.  trhee  (number)
4.  gorf  (they jump a lot)



What are the differences between these pictures???
Hint - there are 9 changes, but some are TOUGH to find...


If you get them all right then you get $2!!!



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